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    Welcome PokerStars Players

    Welcome to the forum. First thing, don't ask for the Password.. You need to earn points then you essentially BUY the password.

    I know you are asking "How do I get the password to today's tournament"

    Well, I am here to help. First and foremost, this site is a task oriented site. When you do tasks, watch videos, do surveys you get points. You use those points to essentially buy the password to the free roll today.

    I highly recommend you read this guide on how to complete the surveys etc: Pokerowned complete guide for beginners

    Also, check the what's working link and visit Dalsue's survey help forum do's and don'ts.

    Now onto the password. Once you DO have enough points, this is how you obtain the password to today's tournament: New Password Release System

    Good luck! If you have any questions ask.
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    ok, thank you

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    Always feel free to come to the chat box with any questions you may have about earning points. We'll do our best to help. =)

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    gl new members, enjoy the pokerstars fr, speaking from a usa member, and my old members i am cheering for

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    GL to all our new Stars members, this is a fun site and enjoy

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    welcome to PO
    have fun in your own games
    sure miss stars

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    I waited for some time time now to play pokerowned freerolls on Pokerstars. Thanks allot pokerowned.

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    Dalsue's Survey Help Center

    Links to my Survey Help Center--> I have 3 WW Threads sorted by dates & a Do's/Dont's page.

    Feel free to contact me regarding ANY issues/questions.

    Also check out the "Hot Surveys" that are updated above the chatbox on the main page.

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    lol i miss u so much ftp too!

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    I hope you protected the PS tourneys well ZAB...

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