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    problems loading?

    Hey everyone, just curious if anyone else has been having problems getting offers to load? Radio Loyalty and other small offers seem to work for me. But all the big ones, such as surveys worth more than 100 points just wont load. I know all about clearing cookies. Maybe I'm just having a bad day.

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    If I have done any of the offers anywhere else, they won't load right if they are clicked on here.

    Example - A few of the videos and webpage visits on Peanut Labs, I know I have done them elsewhere. They might direct me to a different landing page, tell me that this offer has already been completed from this computer, or I might just get a blank page.

    It just depends on who the offer is from as to what happens when you try to do it.

    Sometimes, it IS just a bad day. I have lots of them, believe me. Usually if the offer isn't on an offer wall, I can't get it to credit for nothin'. I stick to Crowd Flower and the vids mostly. Radio Loyalty I have to reboot a few times sometimes, but it doesn't give me too much trouble.

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    It may be a browser issue, you might want to try another and see if that helps.

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