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    Pokerowned *NEW* Upgrades -= Read This First Before Asking Questions =-

    Please Note: 3% of all your survey points are deducted and added to the Dash4Cash prize pool.

    How can you earn points?

    1. Post in the forum (5points per qualifying post up to 25 points per day)
    2. Post a backlink (30 points for each qualifying back link)
    3. Refer friends and earn a lifetime % of any points they earn
    4. Do some surveys \ tasks \ watch videos (Points and tasks vary)
    5. Click on CPA Lead and BUY points

    If you want to purchase points, it breaks down as follows: (Click on CPA Lead and then click the paypal logo)

    $ 1 - 250 Points (Enough for 1.4 freeroll entries: $0.70 per freeroll cost)
    $ 5- 1300 Points (Enough for 7.4 freeroll entries: $0.67 per freeroll cost )
    $10 2800 Points (Enough for 16 freeroll entries: $0.62 per freeroll cost)
    $20 6000 Points (Enough for 34.2 freeroll entries: $0.58 per freeroll cost)

    Let's break these all down to make it simple:

    #1 Post in the forums

    This is pretty easy. All you have to do is become an active member of our community. DO NOT post spam and do not post garbage (English Only). To be qualified as a valid post, the post must have AT LEAST 30 characters (Down from 50 where it used to be!).

    - You will get 5 points per qualified post
    - You can get up to 25 points per day just from posting

    #2 Create Some Back Links

    What this is, is you can head to another forum, a blog, a review site, you name it. Link to our webpage. Your post will be reviewed to make sure it didn't get deleted and within 48 hours you can receive 30 points just for a back link.

    An example might be: Hey guys, check out, they have a new system where you can earn free money at Full Tilt Poker, and MMO sites. They also have freerolls you can use your points on to enter.

    #3 Refer Some Friends

    Anyone who signs up using your link, you will get 5% of any points they earn, for life. An example would be: Your friend signs up using your link, he completes a survey for 1000 points, you would get 50 points!

    You can read more about our refer a friend program here

    #4 Do some surveys, watch some videos, earn tons of points

    *** Tip *** Read this guide first on how to take surveys

    ** Warning, please use factual information and try to complete the surveys and tasks to the best of your abilities **

    This is where you can earn a ton of points in a short period of time. You can do anything from doing surveys, to watching videos (GetGambit) or completing some tasks. Some of the sites let you download and try games.

    ** If you do not want to download anything on your PC, then do not try those specific games out!! **

    I have included 3 different survey type sites that you can try out and get comfortable with. Tapjoy, BLVD, Zab's Tasks, Matomy, GetGambit and CPA Lead. These will be constantly updated with new surveys for your to participate in so there should never be a shortage of points for you to get!!

    * PRO TIP: A generic email address (hotmail, yahoo, gmail) is always a good idea, as these surveys may generate a good deal of spam to your inbox. So remember to create your own generic email address at one of these sites to limit that in your primary inbox!

    Last but not least, earn your points and opt into the freerolls!! It is VERY important that you read and understand exactly how the password is released. For that PLEASE read this

    When you get enough points, you can turn those points into prizes!! Simply enough right?


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