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    PO Client Tourney

    the po client tourneys are marked as added points tourneys.
    in every pokerroom i know, it means player pay buyin which is used for the pricepool, fee for the room.And added pricepool means, room give addional points to the pricepool. needless to say if u play for real money the fees are never higher than the buyin..

    i understand it like most player on table like this:
    for example the 7000added tourney, running now with 29players : buyin 135points / fee 15points
    so 29 X 135 points are 3915 points ...and 7000 added = a real price of 10915 points !
    when i compare now the tourney info , i see only a pricepool of 7435 points..

    after asking po support for this..i got answer the buyin is 15points and the fee 135points...
    great..first time i see a bigger amount at fees than in buyin...

    and i wounder why i only doubel my tourney buyin by finishing 5th place of 22players last week..
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    YES joe you are right how Zab has it set up is misleading. very misleading! it should be worded as 2k gtd or 7kgtd not 7k added ... false advertising
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    How is it false advertising, if its X amount added, that amount is added into the prize pool. If you click tournament info, it should add up.

    Doubling your buy in placing 5th with only 22 entrants is probably right, 1st and 2nd pay out quite a bit higher and the rest of the positions fall into line, in normal tournaments I don't think 5th would pay out in that low of a field.
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    Okay the Truth. Pokerowned is not a real cash maybe zap use the same words as the real cash pokerworld..but its not the same, so po should give other names for:

    added Tourney
    *******means in the whole Pokerworld :
    Buyin of all Players without fee + a free addional amount given by pokerroom as gift/promo!
    Pokerroom makes - at this tourney, as they pay addional as promo from own pocket,
    at p.o. the tourney fees (are 10times higher than buyin,go to the addional pricepool...So P.o gives nothing, and it cant be called a Tourney with added pricepool.

    Guaranted Pricepool tourneys
    *******means in the whole Pokerworld : the pokerroom set a min. number of players to start a tourney, and set a guaranted pricepool ...when the buyin from the players dont reach the gtd pricepool, they give the sum between paid buyin from players and pricepool. so pokerroom gives getaways ...

    Po takes $ of done offers and give them away in promos back too..but not in the pokerclient..the playerpool is too small and so zab do what he do...and dont wanna hear how many po players are unhappy with the fees, promos and the rakeback.

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