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    help me whit badbeats and very very bad times (sorry for my english)

    Now I go to the point, I've heard and read that the bad times are inevitable and as a poker player will have to confront.
    For my part, in this short time I've been playing with real money and have had to face a couple of bad times, but I really think I am the one that causes my despair (Yes, I am a person who despairs quickly), I think this is the cause of my bad times. But over time I've learned to control it somewhat.
    I play poker more than anything that I have fun playing it, but also because there is money involved.
    I feel my bad times have to do with this. When I start my session, beginning in a good way, having fun to play and hang time making money, of course xD.
    But sometimes (not always) I get tired of playing, and here is the problem, keep playing, is where the fun ends and start playing just for the money, I want to finish the game fast (product of my despair), I ended up taking bad decisions, and finally losing. (Oh yes, a detail is that I play more than anything Sit n 'go, for the time.)

    Now my questions are directed more than anything experienced players.
    Is this true that the bad times are inevitable ?, is oneself which causes ?, should I take my profits generated and run away? xD, and, most of all, if you really are inevitable, how often pass through them ?, and how to address them, as you face ?.

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    The first thing that poker needs is psycology. So a player must try to be calm and ok. If you are not ok, take a brake and return.

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    if your irritatated or tired then stop playing.. I used to get angry when i had a bad beat.. Now i have changed my play, and i dont see bad beats that often anymore.. when i started i liked to move all in quickly instead og analyzing the play and how villain play...
    I try to avoid coinflips or go all in if there is a draw.. wait till turn card.. loosing a hand or aces or kings on the flop dont bother me anymore, .
    When i was a noob i could never fold those hands on the flop or turn. My advice is check more and call more.
    Maybe you are being to Agressive try changing your play.. it helped me..
    i have rarely gotton mad since i change my play..

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