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    Help!! I am missing my points and I completed a Survey

    Before we start, the FIRST THING you should do is read this guide:

    Before we try anything else, REFRESH THE PAGE to see if your points show up.


    Important Tip: If you got an email from the survey \ email submit - MOVE IT from your spam folder to your normal inbox!!!!

    Next, if you did the same surveys on a different site, you cannot do the same surveys on our site. Do not even try and use a proxy server, we will find you, we will ban you. Your points and all your accounts are subject to instant deletion. We do not tolerate it, so don't do it!


    Do not do the same surveys over and over again, you will not get credit for them!!! In fact you can be banned for this, just don't do it!!

    Before we get into how to go about missing points, this guide is a MUST READ for how to take surveys and your points:

    Kevin my affiliate manager at BLVD Media offered these tips for users to successfully complete surveys and get your points. This is a very good read, and everyone should pay attention to this.

    Successfully completing online surveys that pay out virtual currency can be very frustrating at times. There are many reasons why offers do not convert. Entering in fake information, filling out the same offers more than once, not qualifying for the offer, or the advertiser’s pixel not firing are only a few reasons why offers do not reward.

    Many times you fill out all the information correctly and honestly, but the survey or offer does not credit. Not only is this annoying, it dramatically reduces your desire to fill out more surveys and prevents you from earning what is rightfully yours.
    After years of experience with online surveys as a user, a publisher, and as an advertising network, we have figured out some very easy ways to help you maximize your success with online surveys.

    Here are some Insider Tips:

    TIP #1:
    Make sure your browser supports cookies. Cookies are just one way to verify that it is really you completing the surveys. Do a search online for a “cookie tester”. Test your browser here: Cookie Tester

    TIP#2: Using Internet Explorer to complete offers is preferred. You can try newer versions of FireFox, Chrome, and Safari, but we recommend that you use the latest version of IE.

    TIP#3: Turn off all ad blockers and pop-up blockers (two different things). Sometimes advertisers won’t report your offer as completed because the “Thank You” page gets blocked. Think about it…does doing online surveys with a blocker activated even make any sense?

    TIP#4: Upon completing an offer, clean your browsing history (Cookies, Cache, Web Forms, etc.) before starting another offer.
    Blvd Media Group, LLC| The rewardTool™ Installation Instructions 6

    TIP#5: Use real information. If you put [email protected] as your email address, you will never get rewarded. Setting up a separate email account for these offers is valid, as long as it is a real email address that is registered to you. If your zip code doesn’t match your street address, IP address and sometimes your phone number, the offer will most likely not reward.

    TIP#6: Read the offer requirements carefully. Most offers will tell you what action is required to complete the offer. If you stop too early or skip a step, the reward will not be paid.

    TIP#7: Read the terms and conditions! Advertisers are paying for something. This something is your personal information for marketing purposes. If you are filling out offers, you are opting in to their marketing database. Make sure you are comfortable with the advertiser’s offer. If you are not, then don’t do it!

    TIP#8: Don’t waste your time filling out the same offer more than once. If you see the same offer that you completed on another game, the odds are slim that it will convert for you a second time.
    Use these tips to maximize payouts and success rates when you fill out surveys for virtual currency.

    These are tips that I have learned from users (These aren't tips related to the above).

    - ALWAYS take a screenshot when you complete a survey. If the survey site doesn't give you points, you have the proof now. If you need to learn how to take a screenshot and save it, go here!

    - Use an AUTOFILL. This will auto fill out your information (Firefox)

    - If you submit your email address EXPECT THEM TO CONTACT YOU!!

    - If you don't want to download any games, trial software etc.. Choose a survey that does not require that

    - If you don't want to get called \ texted on your cell phone, use a survey that doesn't require this

    How to try and recover missing points

    Every survey site has a help center or ? where you can contact them to try and recover missing points. Use that!! Take screen shots!
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    ive done 2 last night bt it wnt let me take screenshots bt it dnt matter

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    I've certainly had some of these problems, because I realizodo surveys and have not been paid, so the latest you have sent me directly I have not completed

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    gotta put in real legit info for em to complete

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    follow the rules put in real info... and take screen shots of completed pages... good luck all

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    I've certainly had some of these problems, because I realizodo surveys and have not been paid, so the latest you have sent me directly I have not completed

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    damn, best post ever!

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    I was searching about this as well. Would like see more thoughts about this issue from you guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzanDishongm View Post
    I was searching about this as well. Would like see more thoughts about this issue from you guys.
    Haha about this? 'WATCH HD PORN FREE school bus porn videos, cumshot video upload'

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    i am running Win7 and i cant seem to get the "screen shots"

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