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    DO NOT POST "WHAT IS THE PASSWORD" Read the rules, learn how to get the password, it isn't super hard

    What exactly is this forum?
    To put it simply, we are trying to create a community where we reward our members by posting new and fresh content by giving them free rolls. The term "You Post, You Play" is just that! If you are an active poster within our community, you will be allowed to play in our free rolls.

    What is a qualified post?
    A qualified post is defined by 2 parts
    #1 It must meet the minimum # of characters (50)
    #2 It must be RELEVANT to the topic\thread (Posting spam or LOL won't cut it!)

    What happens if I post Spam \ Invalid content?
    Posting spam will get you a -2 post count, that is your post (+1) will be deleted, additionally you will owe the board 2 valid posts. Essentially you will go "in the hole" 2 posts whenever you post spam or invalid content. Further abuse is subject to being blocked from entering any free rolls for a certain period of time all the way to be banned from the forum altogether. Don't spam!!

    How long are my posts valid for?
    Your posts are valid for 24 hours, then they no longer count towards your 'post bank'. After 24 hours, your 'post bank' will lose that post that you can spend towards free rolls. An example would be if you post 3 times right now (post bank +3), 12 hours later you post 2 more times (post bank now at +5). If you then waited 18 hours, your post count would now lose those 3 posts and you would be back to +2. The idea is, keep the forum alive, keep posting new content, opt in for those free rolls!

    How do I find the tournament?
    Use the poker client where the tournament is being held, simply search for that tournament by the tournament ID #.

    What if I do not have an account at the site where the free roll is being hosted?
    Simply opt in for the free roll of your choice, when you do, it will ask you for your screen name there. If you DO NOT have an account, there is a link for you to use to sign up.

    What time zone are the servers in?
    Est. which is what most of the U.S. facing rooms use.

    What if there is a free roll that says "EU Only"
    This means if you are from the USA, you are NOT allowed to play. They have excluded U.S. players for playing at their poker room.
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    Going to lower the # of characters down from 150 to 60 to qualify!
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