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    Question Do you feel surveys take longer than they should?

    i kind of feel ripped off in a way since i basically spent 1 hour answering long painful questions (1 hour) for a only a 100 points :/

    To be honest i don't mind them just when there seems no end to it lol...

    how is your experience with surveys? do you even enjoy them? is it actually worth the points?

    I've found a few that actually was fair for the points that was given, but just some don't...

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    I get where you're coming from - there are some that are just page after page after page and you wonder if they're just tricking you to make you finally accept one of their offers. But I reckon the ones that are fewer points are safer, so they punish you a different way.
    When it comes down to it, it gets us access to freerolls, but, yeah, it's a huge time-sink sometimes too.

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    yea at this point i'm afraid to even do the lowballs cuz i feel like it will be another endless spiral :P

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    the trick is to know when ure past the qualification stage, then u can pretty much answer anything...cuts the survey time in half
    just be careful of any questions like "for verification purposes please tick XXX in this question"
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