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Thread: wsop 10k plo

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    wsop 10k plo

    thats the live stream. some good players in it.

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    live stream is so boring, you gotta watch like an hour just to see one showdown.

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    The money jumps are always huge at the FT so everyone plays a lot tighter than at the tables leading up to it
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    Thanks for the link, boring play is what get you money

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    thank you very much for going out of your way and posting the link so that we all are able to watch the live feed if we so choose. On a side note that kind of relates to this does anyone know if ESPN still regularly shows the WSOP on tv? I havent seen anything on ESPN relating to coverage of any of the tournaments or final tables in the last year or year and a half. I know that the poker boom was years ago and things in general have kind of slowed down as far as the countrys interest in watching the WSOP on tv however you would think that ESPN wouldnt just stop showing the tournaments and there coverage all together just because national interest has been on a decline over the last five years. So ya i guess my quuestion is if anyone knows if ESPN still will be doing there coverage of the WSOP and if so when will they start to air the shows from the series this year. Like i said i havent really seen any coverage at all on ESPN from the series last year although i wasent/havent been looking all that hard for it. I know that occasionally on either the travel channel or on the fox sports network they still occasionally show coverage of the WPT and the Heads Up Tournament and that is what made me start to wonder whats going on with ESPN because like i said i havent reallt seen anything on TV over the last year regarding the 2012 series. If anyone knows if and when ESPN will start to air there coverage from this years world series of poker in las vegas could you please take the time to post a reply in this thread so that i know and can start to look out for it on TV. Thanks ahead of time my fellow pokerownedies i really do appreciate it and i wish everyone nothing but the best of luck at the tables in the future.

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