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    Wrong P2P transfer?

    I sold $3 on BCP to deadguywalking for 1600 PO points and he gave me the wrong user name. I feel I am still owed the points. The discussion between us is coped from my chat box:

    deadguywalking: im awaiting your response from markey place
    Me: i just did that what is your BCP name?
    deadguywalking: firenice
    deadguywalking: [email protected]
    Me: ok one sec
    Me: do i have the points?
    deadguywalking: I will release once the money clears my account
    Me: promise?
    Me: lol im sorry i dont trade alot
    deadguywalking: that's how marketplace works
    deadguywalking: I just have to click release
    deadguywalking: its set up for both are protection
    Me: ok hold on
    Me: i sent it did you get it?
    deadguywalking: it takes bcp awhile at least
    Me: well you should get it soon then Smile
    deadguywalking: don't worrie I release as soon as I get it and I will bubble you
    Me: firenice right? lol bubble me?
    deadguywalking: yes n I will
    Me: in what?
    deadguywalking: shit I goofed firenice71
    Me: what the f*** dude
    Me: come on
    Me: i need the points
    Me: and my moneys gone
    Me: thats not fair
    deadguywalking: usually you need the [email protected]
    deadguywalking: to transfer
    Me: no
    Me: you messed up i want my points
    deadguywalking: im sure you can cancel the transfer theres no player with that user name
    Me: the money is out of my account so whoever firenice is has the money
    Me: i want you to help me fix this or give me my points
    deadguywalking: hold on im lookin for some 1 to help
    Me: thank you
    deadguywalking: contact the bcp support
    Me: ok im doing all that
    deadguywalking: in the mean time put up a 200 gift in market place il give you 200 for my f***up
    Me: thanks bud
    deadguywalking: its the least I can do
    deadguywalking: let me know when you get every thing straitned out
    Me: k can you send zab a pm explaing what happen?
    deadguywalking: I will
    Me: cool thanks i can get you the money still when i figure this out
    deadguywalking: np just let me know what bcp says
    Me: k

    I am not saying he is a bad guy but i feel i am still owed the points.

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    hopefully your transfer will fail, have you contacted bcp? if not do it live chat now, see if you can stop it.
    and hopefully you used the off site trading feature?

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    It's been 48 hrs and after disputing the points in the market I still have 0 points. I talked to deadguywalking and he said that he talked to Black Chip Poker's Live Support yesterday but could not even get a username out of them and all they said was the money was returned to sender. However, my account balance on BCP is the same as it was previous the messup. On top of everything, I defaulted on my loan of 1350 and the interest has put it to like 1500. I was going to use the 1600 points to get out of debt. Hopefully Zab will come thur for me tomorrow or I might be talking a long break from PokerOwned.

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    bcp had some transfer issues yest... cant say bout pts tho...

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    Zab came thru, all is good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brayx131 View Post
    Zab came thru, all is good!
    i really dont understand what did u mean by that

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOODmAn View Post
    i really dont understand what did u mean by that
    meaning zab fixed the problem and gave him the pts....thread should be closed now

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