This is a work in progress thread where I will be posting step stakes I either find or create. Do NOT apply or spam in this thread, it will be seen as you do not follow directions and disqualify you from receiving stakes. What is a step stake you ask? Simply put, it is a way to take a very small stake bankroll and get into much larger buy in SNGs or MTTs by playing smaller risk games first and then using those winnings to both supplement the bankroll and jump to next level. If you lose then at higher levels, the result allows you to ' go down a step' and try again while still technically being on the original buyin (or if done right, freerolling off the winnings from the first buyin ).

I will start posting these in the next day or so and refer to this thread when i offer those step stakes. If anyone wants to contribute their own steps, feel free to, AS LONG AS the site allows p2p transfers, I will request removal of any steps that are custom live, or any that are for sites without p2p. Stay tuned for some awesome stake opportunities!