Just thought I'd let everyone know the tools I use to determine stakes and when i apply for stakes. You should look up anyone you plan to stake or offer up your stats to anyone you plan to take a stake from.

For Mtt Stats use:

Official Poker Rankings - Poker Site Ratings, Results and Statistics

For SnG and some MTT stats use:

SharkScope - Online and Live Poker Statistics

For Cash/Ring game tracking use:

Poker Rankings & Stats | PokerTableRatings.com

A word of warning these sites are used for information and to better help you improve your game and or pick stakes or use to get stakes. It is against ToS on most these sites to use these stats to belittle or ridicule people in this forum or on the tables.

From SharkScope's ToS

Use of data from site to abuse other players is unacceptable. We will refuse to accept new subscription requests from persons reported doing this. Current subscribers guilty of abusive use of the statistics may have their subscriptions immediately terminated with no refund, at our discretion. Any player found to be using the statistics within this database to abuse other players will also forfeit their option to a block of their own data.

I hope this helps everyone with their games and in staking or being staked. GL all.