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    I whine like a 5 year old girl
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    Apr 2011

    Smile staking cat for 700 big bounty gl gl

    50/50 no stakeback gl girly just please keep track of bounties and please psot your HH of bust/win hands gl gl wid girl money on da way!
    <TONelson> F'real I am glad you are still a MOD here man. You give a shit. That matters

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    Jan 2013
    good luck to the both of you im doing well on couple sites may look into somethen on lock just not huge fan of it

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    PokerOwned God rrickir's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    GLLLL cat,, win soemthing goood !!.. gl to both iof you...

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    Apr 2012
    OMG da Cat is outta the bag

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