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    stake from JasonColeman in 500g bounty on lock

    70/30 split, top 5 60/40....bounties count to stake.

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    so what happened??????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drywallman3 View Post
    so what happened??????????????
    Same question here

    Disappeared from stake with no further reporting Feb 19th while in Profit

    Edit: Let me correct my post to be perfectly accurate

    Stake started Feb 11th

    40% me/ 60% staker
    This is a no loss stake. If I lose the stake I will return the $30 on March 1st when I recieve my VA money.

    On Feb 19th, reported that BR was $71 and he was going to play MOSS Event later that evening. Then, no contact. Came back 11 days later March 1st to say "roommate desided to play on my account during one of his drunken times" (have stakers heard that one a million times or what?) but that he will send the $30 back (uh, what happened to split w/$71?) Of course, he was to busy playing the $27.50 10K in a couple hours (and you certainly are not getting that money).

    Fast forward to March 6th now, going to March 7 in a couple minutes in the West, and zero contact back to staker, even though he has posted on this forum in the last 1/2 hour, not even the $30 he was supposed to send back minimum
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