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    SpeedyTChips loan payback.

    Speedy has had a couple of issues since he has been on the site, but he is making an effort to right his wrongs. I don't throw stones.... I have had an issue or 2 since I have been in poker for just under 3 years. Poker is addicting, and when things don't go right it can test our character. I commend Speedy for making an attempt to repay his debts. He just sent me $15 towards his debt. No flaming itt.... I just thought that I would put in a good word on his behalf. I appreciate the payment.

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    stake meeeeeeee! lol
    "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you will get the results" -Oscar Wilde



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    I havent seen that name in quite a while around. Thats good for him
    Turtleboooy: lol when i come on i think f*** that Doc guy but i dont know why...haha

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