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    SendCookies Wall of Shame

    Ok thought I'd put this list out there for ppl to see. These are the really bad people that have been on here. Mostly Dead Beats, but, some of them are really crafty scammers and for sure are still here w/ new sn's and still scamming people. Feel Free to add your own names to this thread, but, please make sure they are truly bad people. I have ppl I have left off the list that owe me big, but, I have talk to those ppl and truly believe that gambling is there only real fault.

    Here's my list:

    Punan $6 Cake or 3939 by 12/10 SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 3939
    (Still here using new sn's for sure. He had multiples when he was using this one)

    nckfor23 234 remaining balance SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 234
    (Known scammer on 2p2 as well)

    Howard30 $6 Carbon Loan Due before 1/3 SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 3940
    (said he went to the army, and begged for a GI Loan.... Promised to pay it back before he shipped out)

    jdixon0631 4666 pts loan due 1/11/12 SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 4666
    (this arsehole and his GF are still here using new SN's and waiting to scam again. He went so far to flat out admit it)

    713scott SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 1950
    (This one is a save me. I know your still here honey. Just pay this off and we will be fine)

    BLINGBLAOW $28 Carbon loan due 2/22 SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 18400
    (This arsehole still plays BH and carbon. Real Douchebag)

    NascarFanSS $55 Carbon loan due 3/7 (Debt update $32 left) SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 21000
    (Degen PO'd MOD. Lot's of info on him due to MiT420's wife. Both loser Scumbags)

    yawnlol $7 Carbon Loan due 7/4 SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 3700
    (OMG this guy talked a big game. He's probably still here as well aka one of our resident MTT pros)

    bsktbllkng237 $10 lock payback SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 4500
    (This guy use to be on all the time trying to trade back b4 my break. He comes on 2 days after I return to scam a lil $$. Probably means he is a reg on here using another sn.)

    This list is just the ppl IDC if I ever get paid. Just wishing they all get what's coming to them in life. I ton of pain and suffering.

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    that sucks all those people owe you that much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikeboy412 View Post
    that sucks all those people owe you that much!
    LOL this is pocket change compared to the other bad debt I have. But those ppl were ok in my book. Just bad situations. Some went to jail, others got really jammed up cuz they had serious gambling problems. But, at least they talked to me, and made efforts.

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    yeah that sucks, fuuuuu scammersx

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    me parece muy bien eso , y pensar q existen ese tipo de gente malvada ,, deberia de hacerse publico en todos los sitios ,,,,,,,
    im bikkeromano

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    like ya said cookss!! pay no mind to those peepsss...they will get what comes to them ....fkin hate scammersss/multiaccounters

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    Lol, PO needs a debt collection service. Someone who spams members in default with phone calls and letters until they pay off.

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    Someone told me years ago that the universe has a way of balancing itself out! This is an extremely sound theory

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