I played on Lock and Bovada the past two months with some good success. I was + $700 on Lock, and made a couple small cashouts via WU on Bovada. Having said all that, I have sold all of my Lock, and have cashed out everything on Bovada. I played 2 FR's on Carbon on the 25th, and made B2B FT's; then I spun it up to nearly $100 including a $1 mtt win. I know, not overtly exciting.
This month, I will be looking for stakes on any and all sites that have Player2player transfers. I really am focused on Carbon, but they obviously do not have transfer options. I went from $0-$4,000 earlier this year in the span of under two months, before I cashed out $2500 and lost the other $1500 playing way too big. I will mostly be running stakes to sell the funds for either points or Paypal, so that I can re-invest the money into/onto Carbon. I know that several of you have talked to me about running stakes. Well lets get them this coming month.
The goal is to get in around 300-500 games this month. I know that several of you have been running random stakes with a smattering of people. Here is my pitch: not only am I the best player on this site, ( obviously opening the door up for the haters ) but I also am willing to include Make-up in to deals. You backers aren't going to be in the business for long, if you keep backing players in single games 50-50 with SB deals. You will lose money in the long-term backing people here under those parameters. I know that I am in a sense shooting myself in the foot by saying that, but it just goes to further illustrate why I am a better option as a horse. I know what I am doing, and I know the math of the game.
If you are interested, let me know either in this thread, or by PM'ing me. I will most likely be playing 50% + of the Carbon PO FR games throughout the month as well, so you will likely see a lot of me either in the games or at the very least passively logged in. The goal is to get to at least $500 on Carbon by months end, plus potentially spinning up workable BR's on other sites as well. As I stated, Carbon is my main objective, but if I can also get BR's on other sites that would be a bonus.
Please lets not turn this thread into a dick measuring contest or fill this thread with spam. I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT. I will immediately flag your posts and have them deleted. I just see so many threads filled with that type of stuff. This is a serious thread, and will log my progress on Carbon and my games being run on a stake. Lets do this guys/girls.