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    A New Kind Of Trading Can it Be Good?

    Gift Cards on Facebook
    Easily send your friends a gift.

    Gifts They'll Like
    Choose from many popular stores and restaurants.

    Instant Smiles
    Your friend is notified the moment you send your gift.

    Simple Delivery
    The gift comes on a card or as a code. We'll make sure your friend gets it.

    all you do is go to there profile add them ass a fiend if there private get accepted and on there main page it will show give gifts click on it and the journey begins!!!!!

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    I whine like a 5 year old girl
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    think its a trap!!
    <TONelson> F'real I am glad you are still a MOD here man. You give a shit. That matters

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    Y you think that lilg any particular reason?

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