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    lock horses needed

    gonna run a few people on lock tonight. just got some funds there so we may as well try to make a buck lol. not sure what i wanna run ppl in. i want a cpl sng grinders and someone to run a mtt or 2. all stakes will be 50/50+sb. you will agree to ship any money owed as soon as stake ends. you also agree to post bust or winning hands.

    anyone interested just post what youd like to play mtt or sng and we will try to find you something to run. dont go crazy here. mtt1$ range to 5.50 maybe 11$ if you are 1 i consider great here. sng will all be 1-3$ range sets of 5 buyins

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    Nov 2012
    Holla at a nigga, LOL

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    Oct 2011
    i'll apply. got nothing better to do i'll try some lock

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    Jul 2012
    STLpokerPro applies and agrees to all terms.

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    Dec 2013
    I'll apply. I'm a solid player and am looking to build a bankroll.

    Isn't withdrawing from lock impossible though?

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