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    Jerked around? You tell me....

    So Tommy asks me to join a pickem for college basketball, I pay 1000 points get sent a link, I go to the link put in first round picks and then thought ill come back in 20 min because I was at a final table and wanted to focus on my game and not my picks.. anyways make a long story short.. I go back to finish my picks and it wont let me pick anything. Go back the next day same shit. I message tommy tell him whats up. Tournment starts now the picks are locked and still can not pick anything, i message tommay again. Get a response that i need to talk to credsfan about what haddpened So i tell creds about it and even ask if i can just post my picks on a thread or something so i can still be in it. 2 days go by and low and behold i am in first place after the first round. Then i get told well sorry about that tommy can just refund you the points. Ok what a bummer so now i message tommy. no response. message again. no response. so i message credsfan, get told that because tommy is holding my points i need to talk to him about it. how funny is that? i get jerked around till after i am in first place then get told ill get a refund then 4 days later im getting told its up to the person that is holding the points that is not getting back to me... heh.. how fucking interesting is that shit? now see i dont fuck anyone that is just me, but when some bs like this happens it just makes me think that you are gonna try to fuck me on the points and after getting the run around i thought i would just post it here to get your attn faster... You going to refund me the points or you going to fuck me on them?? I would sure like to know. Because it does not take a fucking week to get me my points back. SO you turn....

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    title gave me a boner

    anyways setup 1K in the MP and ill give it to you
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    Tip: dont trust ANY person that plays poker ..... all poker players are just 1 step from become criminals, but dont worry, that rule is only valid for those that arent criminals already .....

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    You stated a lot of the facts wrong in your story. First of all I never told you that you could not post your picks in a thread because you never asked. Second of all if you did ask you could not have because the tournament was already underway when you contacted me and that would give you an unfair advantage. I don't see how it did not let you enter your picks because you were able to go back and change your picks up until the tournament started. What you should have done is contacted me the night that it would not let you put in any picks and I would have helped you set up another bracket but since you waited until after the tournament to start there is no way that I can help you fix your bracket issue. Tommy and I discussed the issue a few days ago and I told him that whatever decision he came to I would support.

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    lol at title gave me a boner, hahahahahahahahahha. you have a sick mind sir....

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    wow that bad luck youll get your points back somebody will pay we seen your picks too bad u didnt finish or that it wouldnt let you finish.

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