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Thread: bcp to trade

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    bcp to trade

    I have 10 bcp for 5 k n points.......

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    ill take $5
    <StephyMarieC> erik!!!!! yay you've always been one of my favorites hehe <scorcher863> i kinda want to smoke some meth, then play poker for like 3 days straight

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    DONT TRADE WITH THIS SCAMMER CHIPMONSTER!! HE SCAMMED ME OUT OF 330 PAYPAL then dropped out of site for months. NOw he is back trying to scam someone else. THIS PUNK IS WORTHLESS TRASH DONT GIVE HIM THE TIME OF DAY!!!!!

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    he likes to play in client, duzn't sound like he's too worried about this
    Like a puzzle with no edgez. 18:12 <PooffyFooffy> I miss Zab .!. 23:49 <RaiseWinPotFold> i miss invertedafro .!.

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