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    your thougts on the new merge

    me personaly im not impressed. i dont like the look at te table the grafics are getting worse the lag is worse than ever before and the main page is just so much more difficult to navigate. maybe ill get used to it but for now i ask why did they do this to it?

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    Don't all inet poker rooms do upgrades? Other software companies like Microsoft an everyone else ...

    give it some time ...

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    i do not like what i saw so far for a breif sec lol, ESP the MINI view, which i use a lot,, that was awwwwful, so small coudnt even see anythin hardly.newer doesnt ALWAYS mean better tho but we seee

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    i didn't play at any table,but i guess a change it's a good thing..but now when i see the way things are working i think they will never be able to make him work again.on PS those kind of changes are made in order of minutes.

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    Guess it only needs some time to get familiar with the new look and functions

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    Don't care for it much thus far. Waiting to get some money in so I can actually play with it.

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    Remember how HORRIBLE Merge was when we were first forced to play there? This is a small step up. Anyone that says it isn't just got way too used to all the garbage poker skins on the merge network.

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    what do i think? umm.. really tryin not to.. i don like it cuz it makes my pc run slowa...

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    was not a big fan of FTP,after all that shit that happened!!!!what were they thinking using a tarnished sites format?

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    carbon's odd calculator still works with 6.0?

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