Chapter.2.Ten pandora charms australia of Cong March 22, Outlying Prefectures Monan Mongolia sixteen forty.nine Baylor Qiju Sheng Jing, recognize Taiji Khan, and offer "Bogda. Toru Chen Khan," the appellation, which means "wide temperature Rensheng the emperor.

"A few days later, Marshal Kong Youde, Chief General Officer Gengzhong Ming, Shang Kexi and other officials, please rate the appellation belongs to the emperor.Fifth day of April, both inside and outside the various Baylor, Manchuria, pandora bracelets Han hundred people on the joint please appellation emperor. Hall on that day, representatives of Manchuria Dorgon holding full text of the word table,

Horqin agricultural soil Sheito Bada ceremony on behalf of the Mongolian economy holding Mongolian word table text, on behalf of Han Guan Kong Youde character table holding the text, tables, respectively, rate of the pandora australia ministers kneeling read the text.