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    Who's ready to learn from the best?

    Phil Ivey • Teaching the World to Win at Poker!

    It appears like Phil is starting a training site.

    From his (verified) twitter, Twitter
    After NBC Heads Up, I've been working hard on my latest endeavor with many of my top poker friends.

    It also appears like he is starting something else, as he has commissioned a logo to be made.
    Phil Ivey - Logo Design Project for a Las Vegas based company by
    Phil Ivey, the World's Best Poker Player, Needs Your Help! | Logo Design Marketplace

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    Phil Ivey is definitely the best in my opinion but I'd be interested to see the pricing that it's going to be. He's definitely made quite the few dollars with ftp.

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    can't wait...

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    i dont think this is gona happen lol

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