after blowing most of my $1-2 NL cash bankroll for live poker on Video BJ machines, i am very worried about becoming homeless. am now in a small remote isolated desert area of NV living in a small room off comps til i run out at this one casino, staying there about 2 weeks or so. then i dont know what im going to do. i dont have enough to go back into vegas and take the weeklies i used to take for about $200 a week, nor do i have any comps there except about 5-6 days a month is all. in fact, all i can really do is play a little $2-6 spread limit at texas station, or grind online double up sngs.

you guys, since most of u are playing low priced freerolls, probably dont have a lot of money either, unlike all the bigshots on 2+2, so i think this is a better place to ask the question. i am wondering, does anyone know of a very cheap rooming house anywhere in NV? not a room in someones home, but a rooming house where everyone has their own private room from off a hallway, and u never have to come into contact with the other tenants. for im basically a loner, as everyone knows who reads my world famous blog about grinding out low stakes poker in vegas, etc. its ok if i share the bathroom, i just want something really cheap, where i can just sit in my room and grind online without other people being around as would be if i rented a room in someones home or shared an apt with someone. i wouldnt feel safe sharing an apt with someone i didnt know anyway. i couldnt afford to pay more than $100 a week or $300 a month, and id also prefer no lease or deposit. anyone know a place who dont mind renting to poker players who cant prove an income? it dont have to be in vegas, but somewhere near any NV pokerroom.

those of u with experience in cheap housing outside of NV around cardrooms u play live at, feel free to chime in with housing suggestions. id love it if i could find a safe place to sit and grind online sngs for under $300 a month til i build my roll back to like $5000 again so id have enough to play live $1-2 NL in vegas again.