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    Thumbs up What is your biggest health risk?

    My health final is on my biggest health risk, my biggest health risk is soda, and what we have done about it, ive wrote a 7 page report on it, dont want to post it here, its to big, but i want to know

    What do you think is bad about soda?


    What is your biggest health risk?

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    Sugar and calories are probably the biggest if it's a non diet soda of course, so it can increase obesity risk and diabetes risk which can further increase your risk of cancer and heart disease. It's bad for your teeth, and dental problems have also even been linked to an increase in the chance of heart disease. But even if you're drinking diet, carbonated drinks are bad for your bones and can contribute to bone loss (because of the phosphoric acid and caffeine I believe, but I'm not sure of the reason). We also can't be sure about the effects artificial sweeteners may have on our bodies. Aspartame, a commonly used sweetener, for example contains methanol which actually metabolizes into what includes formaldehyde. It's a very small amount that's quickly processed and further broken down, so health risk is believed to be insignificant if not non existent. But, it makes me question if I'd want to drink it all the time lol I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure what I've included here is accurate.
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    oh and all kinds of things linked with caffeine too ha

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    u wouldnt believe me if i told but this is true.
    i got ill 1n 1978 when i was almost 26 years old. i got ill after quitting ciggarettes, pot and ocassional pills, drinking an average of 36 beers aweek and a poor diet. i started eating good and then got major muscle spasms and chronic fatigue.
    then after about 6 months i started studying health books. i literally read 2000 hrs. in 6 years.
    i went mostly raw fruits and vegtebles, i exercised but gat flu symptoms every time i worked out hard.
    I fasted on water in 6 years - 390 days!. the longest water fast i did was 23 days and weighed 132 lbs when i broke it. ii was 6' 4' so pretty thin. i did everything possible but i gave up.
    i started drinking caffiene and ephedra (which is now outlawed) and eating meat,drinking a little beer at nite , and for 10 yrs or so i lived a more active life. i still had problems but stimulated myself to do things.
    got married had 1 daughter, played golf, worked. then when i hit 44 everything went down the tubes. had to take pain and still on them.
    i developed multiple other problems, tendenitis in elbows, torn rotator cuffs., bone spurs , way worse neck pain,a fissure, i would have joint pains from meat or salt,so i quit, more problems with low back, i lost 2 inches in height, bone loss, poor digestion, colon problem in the 6 months, and many more small problems. so all i can eat now is fruit and vegtebles now. no meat, salt,alcohol,beans,peanut butter,corn products,fried food of any kind,basically my diet is boring , in in bed most of the time playing poker on a lap top. just giving a golf lesson makes me sick for 1 full day. my life stinks. i wished i never woulda stopped the health quest, i quit cause i didnt get better and for 6 years did very little in the prime of my life. all drugs r bad,some people can get away with a lot. i have 3 sisters younger than me and they r worse than i am.1 has ms worse kind totally beridden, 1 has rheumatoid arthritis, and the other 1 is in extreme pain.
    U could say i dealt a very bad beat when it comes to inherited constitution. so my reply is sodas r bad , but so r a lot of other things.
    I woud say any drug use and excessive alcohol r the worst, then a bad diet and toxic substsnces in our environment.
    I can only play the hand i was dealt and it seems to 73 off suit, my sis with ms would have 72 off, i dont know if this help anyone, but live the best u can and dont take your health for granite, if i could do it all over again, i would do a lot different.
    im 58 now and probably dont have 10 yrs left at best. poker keeps my mind off the insane boredom my life would be now that i cant do much else. i still hate bad beats and i hope this us poker thing gets worked out soon.

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    Red Bull is definely not healty but can make you stay awake
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    i thinks it my big ol tities, they weigh me down and hurt my back, and since my stomach is so small makes them look even bigger, damn my luck and my big old tities

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    Getting shot or blown up or run over who knows.

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