Fleet Jiangcheng prodigal eyes Dengyuan the mouth of the Perak roar. "Give me to stay."Such as a bolt from the blue, has fled to the woods edge, to the shenfa slightly stagnant admission as a big eater at the top of the Purple East. An arrow with a sharp whistling in the air to draw the trajectory of terror lasingRiver City prodigal son love beads 2011 with satisfaction, he knew that this arrow He explains that is absolutely unable to avoid them.

As he thought about to shot the Purple East to the moment, sprang two shadows in a bush, his face suddenly became pale.Scallywag and promise for a really worthy of the small to large with old friends, the two can be said with pandora charms Xu then hook into the sky, reaching out to the He explains that in the air can no longer move, one foot to the eater's arms, trying to take two of dodge.

The scallywag left hand a character, severely hit in the the Tao Mujian right on. Tao Mujian suddenly burning up to become a two.edged fire sword. Held out the sword whose sword aside to go and bite of a sound, great strength to come to pandora charms hand, almost fall into the apathy.Do not look at some of his fat, the action did nothing to slow, stretched out his left hand grasping whose arrows.