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    Angry Truth about Donald Trump

    He has filed for bankruptcy more times than the average person..
    He has 19 failed businesses in 17 years...
    He takes loans having no intention of paying back (sued banks instead)...
    He intimidates and bullies people when they don't give in to him...

    Basically he is the mafia in the business and finance world...
    He calls people "stupid" for giving him money...
    He is like the current state of the US government...
    He is narcissistic...

    10 Stories About Donald Trump You Won't Believe Are True

    He is basically running Ponzi schemes by intimidation and counter-suing. He is so self-indulgent, he sues people whenever he does not get his way (including the bank that lent him US$640m). He takes investors' money and shut down projects and keeps the money, citing fine print in contracts who allow him to do so.

    So why is he still walking freely?

    Donald Trump shoots himself in the foot.
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