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    Is there an adapter that will allow me to connect my AV In to my Wii and DVD player?


    We have a 32 inch APEX tv. I want to keep my wii and DVD player connected to it as well as my cable box. At this point, only the cable box is connected. I have to disconnect the cable box and connect the wii or the DVR player if we want to use them. Is there an adaptor that will keep all three items connected at the same time?

    Thank you


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    I think you don't need an adapter actually. You should be able to run the cable from the wall into ur cable box, from there into your dvr and then into your tv. I don't know about the WI part as I don't have a gaming system. Try posting this is the game section of the forum.

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    ojej skrzynki kablowej. W tym momencie, tylko pole jest kabel. Muszę odłączyć telewizji kablowej i podłączyć Wii lub odtwarzacz DVR, jeśli chcemy z nich korzystać. Czy karta, kt?ra będzie na bieżąco wszystkie trzy elementy połączone w tym samym czasie? Dziękujemy ________________________ wii kontroler ładowania stacja Urządzenia Converter for Wii sprawie mieszkaniowej dla konsoli Wii

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    Get a switch box so you can plug all of them together and then you just have to switch the switch to change instead of unhooking every time. Very easy to do and dont cost much. can pick it up at walmart.

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