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    Somewhat Ironic...

    But there were also happier stories. Cecelia Beveridge of Joplin showed CNN how she and her husband survived after taking refuge in a tiny closet.

    "We stood huddled in here," she said. "The next thing we knew the roof was off, and we were getting hail and rain and everything on us."

    "I had my arms locked around my husband and I was just saying please dear God in heaven, just please let us all get out of this alive," Beveridge recounted. "That's all I ask." The Beveridges' escape is chronicled in the video below, also from CNN:


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    Fri May 27, 11:39 am ET

    Zachary Roth

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    Not to be an ass or anything (i'm not religious), but if God, the creator of universe, exists, I supposed he unleashed the tornado as a punishment or lesson.. I guess the other 139 (and rising) people didn't deserve a chance huh....?!?! A little sadist..

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