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Thread: A small favor

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    A small favor

    I need to ask a small favor of you all.

    Hold your family close, call your siblings to catch up, let them know they are loved.

    If they have issues with drugs, alcohol, or anything else, do your damndest to support them, no matter how little you think you can do.

    I say this now as I have watched my 28 year old sister fight her battles with drugs, alcohol, anorexia .... and lose. Her liver has shut down, her kidneys have shut down, she's on a ventilator. She is fading quickly.

    I tell everyone this not to garner attention or sympathies. I tell you this because I didn't step up and support her as much as I should have, help her as much as I should have.

    If you haven't already, step in, step up.

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    God gives us obstacles so we may overcome and build character,some of us don't.Be thankful that you still care and have enough of a soul left to feel guilty some people lose what makes them human ,which is worse than death.

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    Bump for Tecate

    Best Poets of All time<br/>

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    I am so sorry for your loss Tecate. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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