Refer a Friend

1. Are the points that you are given deducted from the friend you referred? Cause then it looks like I am robbing my friend for a small portion of his points? It’s better to trade with him on market place, with his permission.

2. Can you only earn points from the offer wall options your friend completes? Can’t tournaments and ring games also be included, due to the fact that there are very few South African offer wall options… Those surveys are minimal ie:100 points or less, points can be bought for $1 in less than 5min on the PO with PayPal or by using your phone. This is usually how we obtain points.


1. Can we have personalized avatars on PO client?

2. Maybe pictures…. So we can see how old our friends areJ


1. Anyone tried this?

2. How do I stalk someone (In poker clients)?

3 And who is available to be stalked?


Come on increase the chances here? And I have regularly tried.


1. There seems to be no updated information about bounties on the PO site.

What we know so far is:

You can place an ad with the ticket system, or post on main chat and (while the tournaments are running) in the chat box.

2. What are the official rules for the bounties?


1. What are the official rules?

2. I was told that the 500 game doesn’t count?

3. Is it three in row or three that you enter in a row?


We can trade points in market place for PS and PayPal, but we can’t use either to trade for points…

1. Other sites don’t use PayPal, so I would like to trade points for other client currency… Is this possible?


1. Can we also place bets on, which player will finish in which position? Or in the points?

Points for Posting

How does posting for points work? lol

Bowser based client

Is there no way of moving the browser based client into an actual poker application for example ACR,BCP, etc. Reason being the browser based client freezes very often without warning. And when you are playing with multiple tables across clients you do not notice that you are sitting out, because usually it is not your player icon that is flashing.

Is there an application that you guys have that we can download or purchase?

Poker Stars
Can we pay for the PS password in advance, and be auto register for the tournament in PS?
The time to register is so short that I am often meet with the “registration is closed” sign. Very depressing when you wait for this tournament and don’t get to play on it with all your friends .


Which poker software do you guys advise to use and which ones do you guys actually use in each client? ACR/BCP/STARS etc…
“you guys” refers to the members who play in the daily grinder client games.
Eg, odds calculator, hold’em manager etc.