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    Scammer alert!!!!!!!!!

    Beware of a scammer on here. I was an idiot. Someone created acc't named lethel2all on here, i am assuming realizing lethal does a lot of trades and is trusted and asked me to help him out and send some acr to someone for btc. Wasn't a whole lot but aggravates me i was so stupid, so beware of scammers, they still exist on here.

    SCAMMER: lethel2all (not to be confused with lethal2all)
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    yes its dpad i dont ask for help tell him fuck off i ent zab message gnna have to case soeruccess to get shit done now

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    Oh gosh! That's a pity! To be honest, I forgot what scum is. I mean I usually pop over here and choose a dependable source for gambling. I have never met scum there and for a moment it seemed to me that there was not scum at all

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    In the beginning God said : "The four dimensional divergence of an antisymmetric second rank tensor equals zero", and at once there was light.

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