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    Saw a Great Phillies game today


    Went to phillies game with wife today. Saw Hamels "pitch" , first photo, and Howard hit homerun, second photo (ok, i was too lazy to get phone out his first at bat so that is pict of him pulling one just foul but had homerun distance) and miraculously they won with walk off homerun from Francoeur . As you can see from Hamels picture, even though phillies have worst record in baseball, they were just a few shy of sellout, . Anyway, had great seats, wife's family has had sunday package season tickets for like 30 yrs, her great grandmother married someone with baseball ties, not sure exactly what, but at his funeral David Montgomery and Lee Thomas were there. At the Vet, tickets were directly behind visitors dugout, but you baked in sun. If you know nothing about philly sports, guess this pretty much means nothing, but just wanted to share photos, thought the Howard one was pretty good.

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    That is awesome madjek. I am not a huge fan of watching baseball on TV but I really get into it when we go to games.

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