Ok I'm not one to complain about bad beats. Negative memory means you remember the pain and disregard all the times you get lucky..however...

Player andreone dj can't lay down his big blind when the blinds are 60/120 and I have made a standard raise under the gun with A Q. He immediately raises and I decide to call with position and heads up. It's worth pointing out my opponent has over 100 blinds at this point.

Flop is 777. No good for me but then he shoves in a pot size bet. If he has the hand then why the big bet? I move over the top all in, if he calls with air then he is down to less than 30 blinds if he folds he stays at 60. He calls revealing J T off suit and hits a friggin straight.

Sorry but just had to let that out. If you read this andreone I make no apologies and will happily play you again heads up or otherwise. READ A BOOK. Preferrably about poker.