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Thread: raffle strat

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    raffle strat

    OK I need some hot tips to crush the raffle. Do you guys go with the RNG, or choose lucky numbers? I usually click the RNG button a few times to make sure it's good and warmed up before I actually select my numbers. So far I've won about 450-500 points and one free ticket with this strategy. I would be interested in hearing KingRyan's take on this, being the last JP winner.
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    i just play when i have free ticks...obviously the only good strat to have is to buy as many ticks as possible per raffle
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    I do all random numbers about 10 at a time..some days it pays off, some days not so much. How's that for a strategy? It being St. Paddy's day..anyone have any extra good luck? 4 leaf clovers? direct line to the Raffle God?

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    This really should have been a poll
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    Sample size?
    You really need like 1000+ entries for this to be statistically significant...

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    Whoa, I'm outa here. Raffle is rigged. JustSayn..................................
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    i dont think it is rigged i always play my lucky numbers each time but no luck so far

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    Best strategy: play when you have free tickets and dont play when you dont have free tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwwrungood View Post
    Best strategy: play when you have free tickets and dont play when you dont have free tickets.
    i agree that seems to be the best approach

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    I played when had extra points, lost royally

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