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    PokerOwned actually turned out to be not-half bad. :)

    At first, I really thought this site was just filled with a bunch of greedy bastards that were only in their own world and didnt give a shit about anyone but themselves. But after 120 days now, I'd have to say there is some decent people on here that are willing to Stake or help others out too. It only took a few times, and after that I was trusted by many others and it was a good vibe. Even though making $$$ on BCP is yet to be discovered, like "The lost city of Zinge" I enjoy this forum and look forward to logging in when i log in.
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    like anything in life there is some bad apples. Glad you like the place, I have been here for 3 years and there are many good peeps

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    I am glad you are enjoying yourself here. I for sure think the good members we have here out number the bad by far.

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    PO is awesome, besides that Drywall guy who is only nice after his daily teabagging...

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    Yeah for the most part the majority of people around here are decent people. I think thats just how it always feels when your on the outside looking in. It just takes being a part of this place to earn respect, nothing special(to do) other then just being a member that tries to contribute.. Glad you stuck around to enjoy it...
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