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    Points forum :) say your biggest wins ever

    my is in one site i played caribean stud poker and win 1700?

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    one of my biggest wins on pdc was in joker wild poker in casion they gave me two royal flushes in an hour and got up to 350 with just 20 bucks but i dont think it possible anymore things have changed

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    I took 2nd in the midnight madness that used to run on ftp ... 11 dollar buyin ended up winning like idk 1800 or so i think
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    My biggest win was probably a cash game at the soaring eagle in Michigan. Played like 3 straight days. When the game would break early in the morning, I would go out and sleep in my car. I played 3-4 straight days with the max BI of $500. I left the casino with over $2500. Was playing hyper lag non stop. Biggest hand came when I 5bet pre flop in position with J10 suited. Villian was very deep. Over 500 bb's deep @ 1/2. flopped nothing and cbet. He flat called. I knew I was going to have to shut it down because he didn't play big pots oop without a real good hand. I turned the world though, and because we were so deep I bet into him again. He c/raised me and I called still being so deep. Board was Ad Kc 7s 8d. I obviously turned a double gutter with flush draw. River was the money card.... 9 off suit. I had backed into the J high straight. He lead like half the pot. I knew he had trip Aces, and he probably put me on an inferior set or AK. I tanked and really put on a good show. Asked him how much he had left. Pot was like $400 before he bet about half pot on the river. He said he had about $600 left. I paused for about 45 seconds, and said," ALL IN." Dude was like 60 and said, " SORRY KID" and rolled over 3 Aces, figuring I had a monster and would be shocked. I rolled over the J high straight and the dude about fell out of his chair. Best feeling ever. Ended up meeting this kid up there who also won over 1k in a few days. His ride left him, so I agreed to drive him back 2/3 of the way, as it was on my way back home. Still talk strategy with the kid today. Even with only like 10-12 hours sleep in a car over a 3 day period, it was awesome. After getting back home, I put the wad of $$$ I had won on my table next to my bed and went to sleep for like 36 hours straight. I was like 20 at the time, and still living at home. My mom brought my laundry into my room while I was still sleeping and saw all my $$$ lying there. When I went up stairs, she asked me if I was selling drugs. LMAO. I told her I won it playing poker. She didn't understand. She still doesn't understand.

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