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    PC tech question ( Network Connection / Sharing )

    Alright, I have googled this, tried everything that I could find on the net about the subject, and still can't get it to work.

    I am trying to get my laptop ( which is connected wireless to the internet ) to act as a WIRED router for my PC.

    So far I have :

    -Activated Network Sharing ( as well as internet connection sharing )
    -Purchased a Crossover Cat5 wire
    -Ran said wire thru the floor up to where it needs to go

    Now, the PC detects that something is plugged in, but says : Local Area Connection - No Internet Access

    Anyone know how / if I can get it to connect ?

    Laptop runs windows 7, PC runs windows 7.

    Am I missing something here ???
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    Basically you have setup a Local Network between your Laptop and Desktop. Once they are on the same network you change your network settings on the Laptop (google where exactly) to "Allow other computers on my network to use my internet connection" and similarly you specify on the Desktop to use the Laptop's internet connection... Should work, i had a similar setup a while ago but on a WinXP network...

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