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    Not sure where to put this so I'll start here

    Is there one site or another to get the most bang for the points. Not sure if I am doing some things wrong for example I joined americas card room threw Poker Owned but I get no discount. Won some money but not enough for coffee and bagel at dunkin doughnuts but that didn't show up. Am I being impatient or should I be playing carbon? I tried searches but I get upgrades page and there's over 90 pages to read. A little insight or direction to areas of the forums I should check out. I have been signed up for a week and by far the most poker fun I ever had Thank You To all the folks who
    put their effort and hard work into this site.

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    i like black chip poker a lot they are very nice there

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    Carbon haz the most fr, well I guess they are same now, but carbon payz a lil more

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    there is no money showing in you asccount yet thru forum

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