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    My Saturday..7/2/11

    My Saturday..

    So, i went this lil $25 bounty tournament this morning and it was cool, there was 4 tables and first was $312 with 5 people being paid. You start with 3500 in chips for $20 and another 500 for $5, and every person you knockout you get $5, so its a pretty cool tournament. So it starts off pretty slow..then i call a raise at 25/50 blinds with 84 of clubs and a decent amount of people were in the pot and flop came 4 Q 8, so im licking my chops, this is a great flop for my hand and im going to look to get the money in, we all check including myself and the preflop raiser of 300, c-bets like 8-900 and everyone folds and i shove, he calls and shows Q9 hearts turn is a 10 and river is an 8, so i go up to 6k in that pot. A couple hands later this one kid showed a couple bluffs and blinds were 100/200 and the same kid shoves after a bunch of limpers and it was small it was only like 1700 or so and i had 4200, so im thinking it was a decent spot to gamble for a bounty for cheap and kinds pad my stack a lil if i hit and i could be ahead a lot against this guy. He shows 10 10, so im a huge underdog, and this other guy is saying he folded an Ace, so im not looking good and didnt im down to like 2200 and after break i come back and blinds are 100/200, guy raises to 600 and i shove for my 2200 left and he calls, shows me 33 and it holds, my AJ spades doesnt hit and that was hit.. was fun though on the way back stopped at a few places to ask about my phonograph and there was this yard sale at the end of my street and i was looking around to see if i could see anything cool..thought nothing cool and i saw this what looked like a reeeeally old camera, so i asked some questions and i didnt have money on me to purchase it, so we agreed on a $25 price and i went home to get some money to get it and ended up eating lunch and hanging out for a few hours and then i went back and he left

    So i logged online to play a little online and was doing ok staying even and no really deep runs or anything and then i played this $5.50 $1500 Guaranteed and made a nice run in that, first was $400 and i went out in 9th in a big 250k pot where 5-6 ppl had 40k or 50k, so i had alot of chips at 100k, i had 88 raised 2.5x and got 2 callers flop is A J 8 and i checked and it went check around, turn came a 10, utg shoes i re shove and guy behind me auto re shoves im like wtfff so i think i might be in trouble with the guy over shoving and utg had A3 and guy behind me had QK, ughhh soo sick so i made like $30 but top 4 was $100 and first was $400, so left a pretty sour taste in my mouth.. so i entered a $20 6 max turbo and lost that , entered another one and won it for $84 so that kind of took a little pain away but still stings not cruising into $100 cash and playing for $400 but its cool and thats my saturday

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    I hope you have a great night.

    Good luck this sunday !!
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    They cancelled all the garage sales today in my city. A storm blew through last night dumping hail and blowing over trees. The trees toppled power lines and lifted metal fencing twelve feet in the air. It was a sobering sight to see hundreds of trees knocked down by momma nature. If we could just harness her intense energy.

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