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    The more I hear more like it

    Are constantly in the study, where I walked in a circle, is not found Zhu Er, feel down.hearted. Readily from the book case on the fishing booklet, comfortably on the edge of it with Ruanta crooked, and then look at the book.Faint. Full of a crooked Kedou Wen, rolling his eyes I will be books upside down in the face, nose smell a hint of fragrance. the scent of ink is different from the ordinary, it seems that the ink pandora australia the other mixed with other spices.

    The more I hear more like it, actually reluctant to take a moment to open, simply on pandora australia top of the face. Eyes dark, sleepy a two to gradually climb up.I do not know how long, the vision is sometimes intolerable Su Yang side of the neck, seems to have bugs in bite me, I waved lazily, whisper. "The annoying."Cry sounded deep laugh. "I came on here so silently sleep, actually dare to find me annoying.

    "My confusion, not to wake up from sleep, turn over and continue to sleep, pandora canada while playing to.Play."A big hand around from behind, the ring around my waist, I ticklish, twisting Chen Dao. "itch ah."

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    ok read it dont understand the post
    lol im goin back to sleep must be a dream

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    what is this post about and why the rambling on - oh 4:00 am in morning - pls go to sleep

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    yeahh, me too !

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    honestly i really didnt understand this post, and i read just the first few lines and stopped reading coz it doesnt make much sense. Id give you 0.5 out of 10 if it was a composition.

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