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    mods removing posts

    first of all im totally ok with certain posts being removed, thats not the argument here at all. if it innappropriate then remove it. even if its my post, but i disagree with a certain post of mine being removed. earlier i pmed michman to donate to his client freeroll. simple pm or so i thought. i had 1 simple question for him. "whats the biggest donation?" his response, "im not releasing that information."

    why is that such a big secret? i wanted to know so i could match that donation. i wasnt asking to find out a name of the biggest do gooder in here. i could care less the persons name. i just wanted an amount and was gonna match it.

    well that situation turned complicated apparently so i posted in the donation thread basically what im posting here in this thread. only added at end of my post that he missed out on a decent donation. which is true. i dont honestly care about the names of donators people. i just wanted to help out. i guess its a covert top secret operation that i want no part of now.

    as for you mods. glad you feel you were doing what youre supposed to but was the post really that unneccessary? just a question. im not really mad im just wondering why the removal?

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    prolly no mods on now, to answer that tommmy yet. i didnt see ur post today so i dunno what happenened. hopefully it all works out tho, and client freeeroll goes on for the people that wannna play in it...

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    if donating is ur problem u can donate for me, .. .. ..u see, im really in need for some points, it would do no harm to me , for certain!!!........

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    I think the better question would be was that post really that necessary? You already told him that in private chat, what is the point in making that post?
    Last edited by Poof; 10-10-2012 at 09:17 AM. Reason: rhetorical question, the answer is obvious.

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