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    Lost a good friend of mine due to Heroin overdose. I ask for your Prayers

    Please all yesterday i lost a decently good friend of mine do to a heroin overdose. It is an epidemic in the states and is taking many Innocent young lives daily. And he was the next one that got taken way to early from this world. So I please ask if you all can say a prayer not only for his soul, but for his family dealing with the grief they will be going through throughout the next following days/weeks.

    *I know I joke around saying shit ITT but this is the harsh reality of this epidemic that is taking many many many live around eh world.....So all I ask is to say a small prayer today to help his soul reach heaven and have a safe journey with his loved ones.....He for sure will be missed, such a ghreat friend, brother, son.......Pray for the family aswell.....Appreciate it guys!

    May he Rest in Peace.....

    Thanks everyone Please any prayer will help and much love.


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    Wow sorry to hear this /: A few of my friends from Highschool are on heroine now. It's really sad! A couple have passed /: You are all in my thoughts and prayers (:

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