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    I failed Quality-control.

    I was cruising through an offer that had me search for Google results. I finished like 10 in 10 minutes for 250 points... then it said I was ineligible because I failed to meet the search and answer quality control requirements. LOL oh well. Lol I was doing this 1 survey the other day because I needed 200 points to pay a loan off. After like 10 minutes I was like, " This is a rip" I just mashed out clicks and finished as quickly as possible. If that one gets looked @ the people let out a big WTF. Serves them right... I did a survey the other day for 630 points, and it lead me on a 4 minute waste of time b4 saying " You don't Qualify" Wish that it had told me that like 4 minutes prior. I don't have time 4 that BS. LOL ship the 5 points.

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    wow good job on all those points and getting them. i wished that i could have than many.

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    crowdflower surveys u HAVE to actually do the searches else u will be disqualified the others just get past the first couple of pages to find out what they are after then u can click random bullshit after that
    17:51 <PooffyFooffy> not everyone screws up things the way I can
    20:27 <PooffyFooffy> I could use all the help I can get, lol
    <PooffyFooffy>lol I have my share of duh moments, regularly, lol

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