A long time, when Xiao Yan Li Lao from the pandora bracelets in the wake of the illusion of sound, the tears already found that he was not only pleased patted the shoulder flame of ice, authentic emotion. "Good, good. Worthy of my Li Xiangyang apprentice there so soak into the depths of the heart sound Hsiao, ancient music will be weak to worry. ha ha. "Bing Yan also did not expect such a pleasant surprise to play the music of Shaw, but his placid character only faint smile on his face exposed, in order to conceal his excitement, asked the old man said.

"Li Lao, I am big Who are brothers. "The elderly is in the excited state of mind, did not care, casually replied. "You have probably heard his name, he called the palace Haoyu."Heard, ice flame shivers, was instantly frozen as whole people, as motionless and let the two pandora australia Qinglei down cheeks, how he did not expect, Li Lao mouth full of praise for Big Brother turned out to be his father is already pandora charms Lao is back to the ice at this time flame, like the Cuibing Xiao small wing to boxing, and did not notice the ice behind the flame expression changes. When Li Lao turned, the flame has been ice wipe the tears of his face, the face of strong natural smile out of the elderly.