mk i won a hand off rivdee i guess it tilted him a bit even though i busted b4 him. i do however like this forum and have had a few drunkin moments and been offensive in chat. (in my defense my home was bbv4l and boris) so i was raised on a farm pretty much. since i got my warning i have behaved and stfu and just pokered. clearly anyone can google cajunaimee and see. i dont know why anyone would but riv did. CLIFF notes = i was active on 2p2 for a few years made alot of irl friends, went to vegas meet up during wsop, played micro stakes with them had a good time. then football season, not only had i never played fantasy football before but i have never been a commish of anything. and i fucked it all up. in the meantime i got grimm unbanned and ryland after all that i was labeled a scammer on 2p2. moral of the story is dont let me the commish of anything. and im not a scammer..... gogoogogogoogo im sure its coming