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    getting cracked.

    Yo biggups Zab for making possible for poker players around the world. I post this in hope of seeing all of you in rooms online; not wanting to crack eachothers rolls but to enjoy and grow, loving this game for what it is.

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    Haha I have been here for more than one year, still love it.
    Glad you like it too
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    ive enjoyed this site for few months now and still look forward to it everyday

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    Absolutely!!! Excellent site and more importantly, as problems or opportunities come up, Zab tries to deal with them all, fairly to everyone...ROCKON~

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    Hmm, don?t know exactly what you would like to say, but you seem to have fun. So enjoy it.

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    I like the site though I have many possibilities as players in the USA or Europe in terms of overall points

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