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    Forex and Option Trading

    Anyone have any experience in Forex or Option trading? I'm thinking about use BRM strategies to do micro trades for high-micro risk income possibly to bankroll boost. Obviously day trades are know to be risky and losing, but I wanted to collect the ins-and-outs from real life experience before I start collecting knowledge. Noted, I'll be blogging about forex and options if I do decide to enlist.

    Just curious if anyone has experience with it on sites like Tradimo and TradeKing, etc.
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    FOREX? oops I thought you said four aces! anyway, I have been itching to get into this for awhile. I am a silverbug, and besides from holding physical, I have been looking at some mining stocks. COMEX has been shorting silver too long. the time is ripe.

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    I have, and I can tell you that trading foreign currency is actually a great way of profiting on the internet, even for beginners. You can check out and find a reliable broker there, if you're interested in making money on this market, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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