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    Sep 2012

    End of the Year Summary

    What was your biggest accomplishments in 2013? It can be poker related or not.

    My biggest poker related accomplishments was making $220 off of poker as my end of the year, cash in hand total. I wasn't expecting to make anything, so that was awesome!

    My IRL biggest accomplishment was moving to San Diego and living on the beach!!
    I'm gonna give that bitch a freeroll, bitches love freerolls.

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    Mar 2013
    been clean and sober for the whole years after smoking my ass off for 5 years straight up

    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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    was playing online poker and casino in New Jersey - never thought I'd see the day again

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    My biggest accomplishment was can see again my son ,,, it was in other country ,,, but now is with me ,,,,,,,,,,,,ty
    im bikkeromano

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    getting my grade 12 English credit as well as physics, it's chemistry and im off to the races!
    "We have met the enemy and they are ours; two ships, two brigs, one schooner and one sloop." --- O.H. Perry

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    My bigest accomplishment was raising my daughter on one income she just graduated high school in 2013

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    May 2013
    Poker: took a few bucks won from PO freerolls on Carbon and ran it up to $230, and DIDN'T then immediately piss it all away.
    RL: One more year completed without anyone in my crazy family having killed another family member
    I'm not slurring my words. I'm talking in cursive. I believe the ladies find it to be quite elegant.

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    i maked very much money on this site

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